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Product Information

Below you will find a selection of product information sheets and specification documents relating to products that are (or were previously) for sale on our website.

Click the name of the document to open it in another window. You will be able to view and download the document from there. If there is any specific product information required that is not listed here, please email us at or call us on (Ireland) 01-5042998.

Airmedica Hand Sanitiser

Airmedica Safety Data Sheet

Klorsept 17 Disinfectant Tablets - For Use In Fogger Machine

Klorsept Data Sheet

Klorsept Information Sheet

Disinfectant Fogger Machine

Fogging Machine Information Sheet

Fogging Machine - Frequently Asked Questions

Termin8 Products

Termin8 Hand Sanitiser Safety Data Sheet

Termin8 Wipes Safety Data Sheet

Other Hand Sanitiser Products

Hand Sanitiser (Non Branded 30ml x 6 pack) Safety Data Sheet

Hand Sanitiser (Non Branded 5 litre drum) Safety Data Sheet

Anti Viral Cleaning Products

Anti Viral Disinfectant Cleaner Safety Data Sheet

Anti Viral Disinfectant Cleaner SDS 2

Hydrus Products

Hydrus Disinfectant Cleaner